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What is Digital Ocean ? 
It is a unique cloud hosting provider that offers cloud computing services to business entities so that they can scale themselves by deploying DigitalOcean applications that run parallel across multiple cloud servers without compromising on performance! In January 2018, it achieved the title of being the third-largest cloud hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers. 

Digital Ocean 
infrastructure is a leading cloud service provider based in the United States of America. Their headquarter operates from New York City, and their data centers are prevalent in every corner of the world in order to provide seamless cloud services across the globe. History of DigitalOcean It came into being on June 24th, 2011, however, its history of formation goes long back. 

In 2003 Ben and Moisey Uretsky; the founders of DigitalOcean, had already formed a company called Server Stack. After surveying the cloud computing industry, they felt a void. As, most companies were targeting corporate clients only, who required a cloud infrastructure to manage their servers on a larger scale. They were ambitious to fulfill that gap and create a profitable future for themselves.